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Canada Snowbird DriveAway is a full-service driveaway vehicle relocation company specializing in transporting vehicles (cars, trucks, vans & RVs) for snowbirds up and down the east and west coasts of the United States and Canada. While most of our customers want their vehicles taken south in the fall and north in the spring, we can move your vehicle anywhere you want, anytime you need it. We will arrange to meet you in a central location to pick up your car or we can pick it up from your front door. And unlike our competitors, we can meet you at the airport to pick up your car – you just jump on the plane and go. We will deliver your vehicle within a specific time frame that will be determined ahead of time. Benefits include: door to door service, transporting personal items in the trunk, shortest delivery times that safety permits -  and we can even assist with regular vehicle maintenance, such as fluid checks. Plus, you will always have the cell phone number of your driver available so you can check in and see where they are at any given time.

Snowbird DriveAway is an auto-transport driveaway service. Snowbird DriveAway provides the driven, drive-away, delivery of road ready personal vehicles. Snowbird DriveAway is not a "driveaway-towaway operation," which is any operation in which any motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles coupled together constitutes the commodity being transported, when one or more sets of wheels of any such motor vehicle or motor vehicles are on the roadway, and when one or more of such vehicles are being operated under a manufacturer's, dealer's, or transporter's special plates.

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